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This collection features two booklets which provide details on the history and the construction of the Galway Cathedral. The first booklet was written by then Bishop of Galway, Michael Browne. The Bishop wrote this booklet as a response to requests from visitors to the Cathedral and also people from regular mass-goers from Galway. The booklet provides a short historical account showing how the dioceses of Galway, Kilmacduagh and Kilfenora came together, how the project of a Cathedral was initiated and developed, and how eventually the work was completed on August 15, 1965. Next, there is a section explaining the architectural design and the motives which inspired it. The third section, the description of the Cathedral, is intended to be read as one walks around the exterior and the interior. The second booklet provides a general overview of the function and purpose of a Catholic Cathedral, the history of the grounds of the Galway Cathedral, and also the plans and drawings of the Cathedral.