Digital Archive

Heinrich Becker was born on 14 September 1907 in Aken, on the River Elbe. In terms of his work on Irish folklore, his main work was I mBéal na Farraige, later translated and added to In the Jaws of the Sea (2000). Much of his research work was in Irish, English and German. He was helped in his endeavours by An tOllamh Máirtín Ó Briain and an Dr. Fergal Ó Bearra. He also gave an exhibition of his painting and photographs in Galway and Dublin in 1995, and deposited his papers with NUI Galway in 2001. The Collection consists of research work, including fieldwork transcriptions, photographs and audio material. There is also material relating to his publications. The material is divided up between Irish folklore, German folklore, and personal material.